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Trust Management Group, LLP

A Texas resident for nearly 40 years, Gary Matesic began his career with what is now PNC Bank in the Trust Division as a fiduciary tax specialist. Now one of the best-known trust, estate, and wealth management professionals in Texas, Mr. Matesic’s experience includes personal and charitable trust administration, estate and investment planning, fiduciary taxation, operations consulting, compliance, special needs and court-created trust planning and administration, and the management of decedents’ estates.

Mr. Matesic has also been involved with a number of businesses and transactions, including formation of sole proprietorships, LLCs, S-corporations, and partnerships, along with operation, valuation, and liquidation of sole proprietorships, S-, and C-corporations. He owned a Texas-licensed independent motor vehicle dealership for 10 years, and spent 10 years with Trust Management Group as a fiduciary expert witness and consultant.

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Career Highlights
  • Key executive in the formation and operation of a Houston-based private trust company, which has since merged into the trust division of a large regional bank.

  • Professional experience includes community, regional, super-regional and money center banks; a private trust company; and the trust subsidiary of a major international brokerage (serving on the Board and as its regional executive).

  • Part of a team of 3 professional advisors who planned and helped fund one of the largest private foundations in the State of Texas.

  • Served on the following committees: Trust Administration (8 institutions); Charitable Trust (2 institutions); New Business (7 institutions); Investment (3 institutions); Operations (3 institutions); and Trust Committee of the Board of Directors (2 institutions).

  • Full-time manager of a single-family investment office for an ultra-high-net-worth Dallas family.

  • During 10 years of consulting with Trust Management Group, was retained in 25 cases (3 by the defense), deposed 10 times, and testified in 9 trials.

  • In 36 years of working for banks and trust companies, have never been deposed, cross-examined, or sued. Have also never lost a direct report trust officer to a competitor

Current Affiliations
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Gary Matesic, AEP®, TEP
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